Audio connections & control room recall

Hi all,

I don’t understand why when I open my project, none of my audio connections are recalled.
I know the control room is not project related, and input & ouput are.
I have saved my presets, and can click to recall them, sure. But I don’t understand when opening a project everything is disconnected and I have to do it again.
It’s a bit frustrating.

Any settings I didn’t do in general maybe?
Thanks in advance

hi gorguts6

as you say:
Control Room settings are global - and changes should stay when you quit/restart.
Other audio connections are project related and change depending on the project.

Are you saying that the control room saves ok but audio connections are not saved in the project ? (they work ok here)

Yes it drives me made.
I can save my Audio connection settings, Input & Control Room, and recall them by clicking on it.
But when I open a project, it’s all "not connected’ and I have to recall the settings I have saved the day before.
Any idea what’s wrong?

are you experiencing any crashes ? this can cause the control room settings not to save.

Take a look in your windows application log to be sure - don’t assume you don’t have a crash just because you don’t see it.

I find simply changing the port my interface is plugged in to can result in the connections being lost.

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Load the presets and save the project. They should appear all the time for that project. Also set up a project template that appears in the hub with all the connections you want and use it for new projects. For me the pain is getting projects from others with different audio interfaces

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