Audio Connections Reset on start!! Please help!

Hi all,
my audio connections setting reset every time I open Cubase and choose a new project!

So I have each time set up it for both in e out panels clicking on Studio>Audio Connections (F4 shortcut)
When I save the project Audio connections are saved with it, but if I start a new one I have to set it again!
Is there a way to see the right connections when I start a new work??

I’m on Cubase Pro 10.0.40 (I hope to upgrade to 10.5 soon!) on a iMac with macOs High Sierra

Thank you all!


When you create an empty project, it should sets the same Inputs and outputs, as your last opened project had.

If you create a inputs and outputs preset named default, then Cubase will use this preset as a default one, when you create a new project.

Thank you Martin!
I will try to call the preset “default” and I will tell you!
Thanks again :grinning: