Audio Connections

Hi, I’m trying to connect Cubase LE 9.5 to my Zoom R8 but cannot connect the bus to the driver. The R8 driver is installed and it is visible in the drop-down menu under “audio device” in Cubase LE but I cannot select it. Please help!

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL instead of unstable Zoom driver.

Many thanks Martin. I’ve done as you suggest and now I am able to map the busses to the device ports.
But I still can’t seem to record and play back: Cubase doesn’t seem to be communicating with my Zoom R8.
Do you have any more ideas please?


Now most probably it will be on the ASIO4ALL side, the settings. I expect in Cubase you are using ASIO4ALL as an ASIO Driver. In ASIO4ALL setup you have to set the Input and Output Audio Ports you want to use.

Thanks again, we now have the ports set and the PC / Zoom are talking to each other. I’m able to record to Cubase but when playing the recording back I’m getting a distorted output. Can you suggest what to look for? Thanks.


Make sure the signal is not distorted.

Make sure, there is no any compressor or limiter plug-in on the Stereo Out bus. If there is, try to bypass it.

Try to increase ASIO driver Buffer Size.

No compressor or limiter as far as I’m aware.
Tried raising the ASIO buffer size to the max but that didn’t solve it
Distortion seems to be introduced on the input side. I mean, Cubase can output a clean sound through the R8.
Any other ideas please?

I have Cubase LE 9.5, and a Zoom ASIO driver. I can’t make them connect, so I don’t have any audio playback. Even though I have other audio drivers on the computer, they don’t appear on the audio connections drop down menu, so I can’t select them. Ideas?


Install ASIO4ALL, if you are on Windows and use this virtual ASIO driver instead of Zoom ASIO driver.

Ok, I have installed ASIO4ALL. I am now able to select it on the Audio Connections, which I wasn’t able to do with the Zoom R24 driver, so some progress. However, there is still no sound. The mixer is showing audio levels playing back, but nothing coming through the speakers of my computer. (The computer plays lots of other multimedia with no problems). Not sure what I’m missing.


You can’t hear the signal from your computer speakers, because you have chosen Zoom as the prior device. So either connect the speakers to the Zoom outputs or in Cubase set Generic Low Latency driver, please.