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I have a simple concert recording-- 2 stereo pairs-- I want to blend and edit. I’ve loaded both into separate tracks in a montage, but I get the attached message about device connections not allowing all tracks to play, and that some tracks would be muted. I am not entirely sure what this message means, ion the content of Wavelab, and furthermore it doesn’t appear to be correct-- All tracks are playing, and it appears I can mix them with the inspector, as expected. I have a stereo setup, so this is not for surround. Can anyone shed any light on what Wavelab is trying to tell me here? I’ve attached screenshots of the error and my Audio Connections window. Thanks.
Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 2.15.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 2.14.12 PM.png

Could it be that you created a montage with 4 output channels?

That sounds like something I may have done. Where do I change this, or what is the correct topic in the manual to look for? Thanks.


and here

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Thanks, that’s helpful!

Is the only way to edit 4 tracks at-a-time to select the clips in all of them before making the edit? That will be quite cumbersome. I’d much rather do this project in Wavelab than have to use Pro Tools, but I need to be able to edit all 4 tracks at the same time in an efficient manner.

PG is known to be working on editing of multichannel files in the edit view, I presume for the next major release.

Meanwhile, it’s possible to get quite nifty with the montage if you have to! Using two stereo files rather than four mono ones greatly reduces the clicking required to select things.


I’ve changed the Properties in the File tab to stereo, but the message persists. Then, in the middle of editing, I get another message: “The following plug-in (FabFilter Pro Q3) cannot be connected for processing a stereo file.” After that, Wavelab won’t play back at all (no error). I have a Pro Q3 on 1 clip, a stereo track, and the output. Not sure how this got so messed-up…

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Any clues on this error message? It’s brought my project to a halt.

Can you take a screenshot of the montage and master section? Is there anything weird like 4 faders in the master section when you are able to play? Maybe you could copy and paste everything into a new clean stereo montage and go from there.

Attached are some screenshots of errors and a couple of other things. I can’t play back the Montage at this point. I’d really rather not start over, because there are a bunch of edits, plug-ins, and envelope automation. This must be able to be untangled somehow.

Yes, there are 4 faders in the master section (which I’m not using). I have no idea what this signifies, since the montage is stereo 48 kHz (in Audio Properties).

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Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 5.16.19 PM.png

You mean I was right? I didn’t expect that, 4 faders. Would that possibly mean a problem montage? PG?

You could try select-all, copy, and paste everything into a new clean 48k stereo montage with two tracks. That would get you most everything (edits, clip plugins, env. automation). It wouldn’t get you track fx and montage master fx, but you could copy and paste those chains in separately if used. Doing that would at least tell you if the montage is a problem.

Please show a screenshot of the Master Section.
Also, of the Track Dispatching Dialog for the track that has the FabFilter plugin.

I think you made a Multi Channel Montage
but try this create a new stereo channel Montage
and insert a new track below

select everything and copy from the old montage
switch to the montage and insert, check and save montage

try it

regards S-EH