Audio Content could not be loaded


every time I open Dorico Elements 2.1.10 I get an error message like this one:

Quite often there will be another window like this one and then a small one with just Audio content could not be loaded. How do I get rid of these messages?

There might have been another discussion on this issue some where here, but I can not find the thread.

Any help welcome.

Well, it is like this: The Dorico Pro license encompasses a license for HALion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO), whereas the Dorico Elements license does not.
You start the Elements, and the program can still “see” the installed HSO files, but does not find an apropriate license for, hence shows the alert message.
Just clicking away the message is fine.

Thank you Ulf, this explains it.

I do still also get this window about HALion Sonic SE files missing - even after had installed the last update to 2.1.10 yesterday (a download of over 2 GB of data):

and I do also get this little window:

Is this ok to be ignored, too?
Some audio files are missing.png

But you only get those alerts when running as Dorico Elements, right? In that case you can just click them away.

yes Ulf, only then (especially when switching windows).

I’ll just ignore them :slight_smile: