Audio contents displaced when opening same project on different PC's

Cubase driving me nuts, I need some help here.

So I am working on a project on my desktop.

Backing up the entire project through cubase using “file-back up project”

Transfer folder to laptop and open the project, work on it for 4 hours, mostly moving audio to different project positions, (no new audio files created), and save it.

Coming back to desktop and open the new cpr, taken from laptop, without popup errors.

Some of the moved files appear as the audio contents inside the events are moved to a later position. only the contents, the events are were they supposed to be.
One is tottally missing the audio also. Ignore the different amplitude is just different view on scaling.

I doubled check the laptop’s project and it is correct, so same project on desktop has misplaced audio.

Cubase 12.0.40 on both machines, both windows 10, pretty much similar machines.

attaching ss’s.

the saved work:

the dispaced:

I hate to waste hours of work to a cubase bug and re do it.
Can anyone help?

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To me it looks like Cubase links other WAV files. Could you double-check the path of the Audio files in the Pool window, please?

If I understand your post correctly, you just copied the cpr from your laptop to your PC into the original folder and not the whole project? That might be the problem. A backup project is not identical to the original project, even if you unclick all the “backup project” options like “minimize audio files”, the projects are not identical (e.g. in the backup project, all files in the pool that are in the trash are deleted). Have you tried copying the whole folder from your laptop?
If you work on one project on different machines, I would definitely always copy the whole project folder (there are tools like FreeFileSync that can sync two folders in different locations that can help with such a task)

When moving from the laptop, back to your desktop, did you do a project backup or just move the .cpr file over?

Yes I did check, they seem to be the same files.

Yes exactly.

just the cpr.

So I guess , that is my problem…I don’t get why. Since it’s a backup of the project I expect to be identical. Anyway, now I know, I should copy the whole project back and forth.
Thank you


Cubase finds the audio file in the other location and decided these are the one (because you were using them on this machine before).

But these are indeed the ones used.

The problem here is the “backup project” process. It should have some kind of protection for this kind of problems, so we can easily move back and forth without having to transfer the whole project.
I mean these are the same files, I didn’t choose to backup different files. But this process did change them. for what I don’t know and I don’t care tbh honest.
I just want to do my job the easiest way possible. Struggling with a thousand things more, related to this job, don’t need more.

But Backup Project is not for moving projects back and forth, its purpose is to create a new consistent project folder with all necessary work data (that may be scattered over different folders) included, but not more, optionally cleaning and minimizing audio files.
By the way, are you sure you didn’t have the option “Minimize audio files” enabled when creating the backup? That could explain the differences.

Yeah, a one that you can use.

In my computer life, last 30 years or so I understand that the “backup” option is always to have an identical copy of the original files in case something fails and you need them.

Cubase decides to name it this way but process it in a different way.
That’s ok, no problem but is indeed a fail for what I tried to do.

So now I know and I 'll use the manual copy folder option, not a big deal. Actually I am doing the manual copy thing for 23 years, since I started working with Cubase VST 3.5, (when things were messed up even then, hehe) this is the first time tried this one, thinking let’s try this nice feature Steinberg made for me.

Can’t recall exactly the option used tbh, but even so, minimizing the audio files should get rid of the non used, not changing, the ones used.
Just to note here I always flatten realtime processing, where that could have been a possible difference, but not.

Anyway I discarded my work and did it from the top. I need identical projects, don’t need any kind of problems.

To be honest, I just “Backup Project” under a new name each time I move something to another computer just to be safe. This is very inefficient when it comes to file sizes to move around, but after working on a project for a while I don’t have a clear account of whether a split here, a slip there, a DOP in another place created a new file or it still references the same files I started with.

I would very much appreciate it if moving projects around reliably was easier.


Well, one option would be a file syncing tool like rsync or FreeFilesync (“other brands are available”), but you have to know what you are doing then because only you know where your latest version is.

Something like splice would be great, but they still don’t offer Cubase support. I don’t know whether it is viable as a business for Steinberg, but if they could offer a cloud backup/sync service, that would probably be the best solution (would cost extra money, of course).

In any way, it should be something outside of Cubase itself imho.

Yes, I agree.
I am using “Bvckup” which is really great but then when you are working on multiple projects and multiple machines you tend to forget where is the newest version etc.

So I find easier to remember to transfer, in an external HDD, each time only the project working atm.
Takes a bit of my time than hit play on my autobackup software but keeps me organized in matter of recent files etc.

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It might be that you are using different sample rates at your computer and laptop.
Please recheck if sample rates are same on both machines. ( 44100khz, 48000khz, etc)
as this might lead to different pkacements within your projects.

Thanks , they are the same.
Also all other audio events not affected, just some of them.

Did you get this problem figured out? I was having the same issue. It seemed Cubase was still linking some files to the original folder not the newly created folder. So, I think I got it figured out. When you backup the project unselect the first option that says “Keep the current project active”. This is what solved it for me.

oh, cool, thanks for the tip :wink: