Audio control tabs sometimes missing

Hello Cubase users
Can someone advise me on this…
I’ve got a project which I made about two years, and I’m remixing it.
Some of the audio tracks have the little triangle at the top RH corner, to fade the track out. But some just don’t have it.
In the same way, some have the little square in the middle of the track at the top to increase or decrease the gain. But some don’t.
Does anyone why some audio tracks in the same project have these extra control tabs and others don’t? And how can I enable them where they are missing?

Are those tracks frozen?

A picture is worth a 1000 words in this case :wink:

A bit of terminology mix-up here; you’re referring to audio events, not tracks. Reason I’m pointing that out is that what you might have are some audio “events” and some audio “parts”, i.e. events that are glued together. Dissolve the parts and you’ll have the fade handles.

Did that do the trick?