Audio copy and paste behavior

Hi. The way I like to comp tracks is to stack up various takes and then create an empty “comp take” where I will put together my favorite bits. I don’t like to use the comp tool because my editing can be very involved, i.e one syllable or two notes, etc…
When I paste audio on top of existing audio my intention is to insert, meaning that the audio behind it disappears, and the audio on either side remains the same in every way. Cubase seems to like pasting on top of existing audio but without deleting the bit beneath the insert, which makes for some very “interesting “ results when you try and fade the adjoining ends for instance. So my question is: is there a way to tell Cubase to insert and delete anything below the pasted bit as the standard behavior if we so prefer? Thank you.

You can enable Delete Overlaps in Edit > Preferences > Editing. This however does mean that if you paste your audio a few ms too early and then move it forward in time, the data at the original paste position was already removed.

Works. That simple, and yet, If you only knew how long I’ve been looking for that answer. The amount of misleading info on the net concerning this topic is soul crushing. My workflow is in your debt. Thank you.