Audio Crackle and Pops! Help?

Ok, so I was running C5 since 2012 and the other day finally upgraded to C8 Pro. Love the new look! Anyway, I have an issue where after playing back a session (regardless of the session) I hear whats sound like old vinyl playing on a record player. cracks, pops and some static sounds.

I have just a few track, small session and not a lot of plugins. My buffer size is set to 2048 but I tried different ones and the issue is still there. I rebooted the computer, closed and relaunch C8 a few times but no fixing this issue. Anyone have this issue? Not sure what to do next?

Thanks in advance


It sure sounds like a buffer underrun issue. But with your kind of computer, that shouldn’t be the case. You should be able to run a buffer size of 64 (or even 32) without problems.

The closest thing I can think of is that there is a compatibility issue with the Apollo interface. I suggest you check if there are any updated drivers on the U/A site.

Or, if you are using an external drive for your Audio, try moving it to another thunderbolt plug. If you happen to have them on the same thunderbolt bus, it may be too much for the bus to handle.

Use I do run my session on a external thunderbolt drive. But like before with C5 I always did this with no issues at all so its weird with C8 I have this issue now. I’ll try moving it to a different thunderbolt port but I think in the new mac pros they are all on the same bus so I don’t think that would matter much.

I can check but I am pretty sure I have all the update apollo drivers. I just picked this unit up about two months ago. I can run other DAw’s and don’t have this issue so it is certainly a C8 issue of some kind

the bad news…

Had this problem last year. In a nutshell your hardware is static, but the software keeps changing and getting larger, and more and more “bloated” for lack of a better word.

After fighting it for 6 months and optimizing the crap out of video, audio, background processes in windows, etc. I bit the bullet and spent $2K and put together a really fast Hex Core with 32GB of RAM and much better bus architecture than the computer I was on.

This dragon has been been chased since the early 1980s. You buy a new computer and all is well, you buy newer software and it works fine, then you buy the next generation of software and its not so fine, so you have to upgrade your hardware (again). ugh…

You can google “optimizing for audio”. It might help.

good luck.

Really? I can’t believe I would need to spend 2K to fix this issue. I have a $6000 new mac pro and that computer can run every other DAW no problem. If it can’t run Cubase 8 pro, then I’ll just take the loss and move on to some other DAW. No way I would invest more cash to get this DAW to work thats for sure

I had a windows box. When did you buy the mac Pro? perhaps its something else.

based on the specs in your post, it should be plenty fast.

So the other issue i had were driver issues with the audio interface.

I have this same issue ONLY when using a project template that was created in a previous version of Cubase or Nuendo. Eventually there are unexplained pops and clicks on random tracks.
If start a blank project in C8, I am unable to reproduce the problem.
I exported all my tracks as a track archive and opened them in a blank C8 project, and no more clicks and pops.
I have reported this in the issues forum, with no responses.

I purchased my Mac Pro in September of this year so I know the computer is not the issue.

My session was a new session and not an older session file. I actually tried a couple of different sessions where I would bring in new wav files and start from scratch.

My U/A apollo interface has the latest drivers so thats not it either.

Very frustrating and wish I could get my $300 back for the cost of the upgrade. I should have stuck with C5 or moved on to another DAW. :frowning:

Ease up a bit. That’s the price you pay for being an early adopter. Spewing gall over Cubase won’t increase your chances of getting your problem solved. Quite the opposite in fact. The rest of us don’t care at all if you switch DAW or not.

The secret of solving issues is to try different approaches. You may come across one that works for you. Lashing out helps noone! Least of all yourself.

There is one thing you could try and see if the problem persists. Upgrade to Yosemite (install it on a second drive if you don’t feel ready to upgrade your main drive). It may be some incompatibility with Mavericks that causes the problem.

Otherwise, johngars workaround looks like a good suggestion, until the issue is resolved.

There appear to be several problems with CBP8 opening projects created in CB7+. Many of these have been solved by simply re-saving the project and thereby making it a CBP8 project. Note however, that this may cause problems with opening it in CB7+, so re-save it as a copy. Don’t hit “Save”. Hit “Save As” and change it’s name. That way you retain the original project unchanged if you need to open it CB7+ for some reason.

ok, after doing some trial and error, come to find out this is not a C8 issue. I isolated it to one 3rd party plugin that seems to not play nice in a 64bit platform. It worked in C5 because that was a 32bit platform. Once I took that out of the session the problem went away and has not returned. So it appears to be fixed.

I should have not over reacted that way I did. :unamused:

anyway the plugin is the VCC by Slate Digital. They are due to come out with the 64but version this month from what I am told.