Audio crackles in arranger window but not editor window


I need some help here, noob to cubase 6 artist edition, and im having some trouble with audio playback and recording.
When i am in the arranger window, for some reason only my audio tracks seem to crackle. Midi and instrument tracks run with no problems at all.
If i click into the audio sample/recording, and then play from there, the problem goes away.

Not sure how this is happening, can anyone possibly help?


Please raise the buffersize of your audio hardware driver a little, and look if you ave still the problem after that.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for coming back to me.
My problem is that the maximum buffer size i can choose is 4096, and i can still hear the the noise, not as bad though. I thought it was this, but wan’t sure why the sound would play in the sample editor with no problems at all, can you explain?

Im currently using an acer laptop, 4GB ram, T4300 dual core pentium chip, 320g hard drive with a terrible graphics card. As well as a mbox 2 mini soundcard. Now if i cant resolve this due to the fact that i can only select 4096 on the buffer size, does the problem lie with the soundcard or the laptop, which do i need to upgrade/change? Reason 5 runs perfectly on 512 if that helps.


You need to check the Mfg. of the firewire chipset. If it’s not Texas Instrument, that’s most likely the issue.


Sorry dude, noob here.
What do you mean by mfg?
Also, the mbox 2mini is usb 2.0 and not firweire

Sorry, when I Googled it came up as firewire. Disregard last transmission.

OK, so i managed to resolve the error with a bit of fiddling.
Seems i was a bit naive in thinking i could select the asio4all driver and the outputs would work with cubase still open, all i had to do was select the asio4all, close and re-open cubase, and it worked.
Thanks for the help, and sorry for the noob question, at least maybe someone else will find this helpful. (hopefully)