Audio crackles in new system


just updated my computer, since it really was time for that.

The sound has lot of crackles and clicks while playing a session.

Cubase 6.07

Intel i7 4770
Mainboard Gigabyte H87 HD3
32GB Ram

Win 7 64Bit on Toshiba SSD
Interface: RME Fireface UC (Neueste Firmware, neueste Treiber)

all drivers updated.
dpc latency checker doesnt show a problem.
can anyone help?

Could it be the missing graphic card? but actually the intel graphics should be strong enough for a downsized movie in the session ?

Well, do you have a movie in the session? Does it happen with all sessions? What’s the RME’s latency setting?

thanks for prompt answer.
yes i have a movie in the session - but i had it in there before i changed the system , and it worked well then.
rme is at 1024 samples and internal clock right now

Then the next question would be, how well does it run a project without a movie?

sorry for late reply - it was the same without movie -
actually i dont know what the solution was - i reinstalled all drivers and suddenly it worked-
so maybe it was a damaged driver
thanks for your help!