Audio cracks with Live Pro 2, but not in Cubase Pro 13


I created a live setup with 5 parallel vst instruments and getting cracks and even complete stop of audio regularly. Same setup plays absolutely smoothly without any hickups in Cubase Pro 13.
There seems to be a big difference in performance between Live and Cubase or some configuration misalignment. Is there anything I can do to avoid the crackling? Any audio setup / multicore setup available that I might have missed?
Thank you!

Can u check audio buffer for VL2?

It’s the same in Cubase 13 and Live.
In Cubase a buffer of 256 is playable without any problems whereas in Live even 1024 has still problems (and has ~23ms delay).

Okay, then at least the probl should be something else

Just checked the cpu monitor: It seems like there is only one CPU core used when playing Live Pro 2… Where can I enable multicore usage?

Have a look here 1.4.59 Multi-core processing support

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Thanks for the hint!

That’s Live 1.4.59, not Live 2… and it’s almost 1,5 years since that post.
Don’t tell me this limit is still there?
Especially since it’s even more important for a live instrument to use all available CPU power?

The software is not fully usable in the current state for me since I can’t use all layers in my live play in a reliable way. Sound needs to be rock solid. Cantabile has full multicore support.

What has been done since March 2023?

Any workaround available?

I just moved back to Cantabile which never hits the limits of my Audio Laptop. Hope I can get back to VST Live soon since it fits better with my Cubase Pro 13 DAW environment.

… it’s on our list. Sorry.

… are you working with the latest Pre-Release. You can download it here. We fixed some audio-crackles when audio files were used as duplicates. And then I would like to analyse your project. Do you think it is possible to give me just your “*.vlprj” file?

Thank you,

I have the most recent (prerelease 2.0.13) version installed.

Sure you can have the project, it’s attached.

Standard-Gemeinde2.vlprj (809,0 KB)

Viele Grüße

That’s very certainly not true, and your picture shows activity on all cores (that can be seen). VST Live utilises all cores for its multitude of processes.

If you compare to other vst hosts, you need to make sure to not compare apples to onions. VST Live does a lot more than hosting plugins, and you need to take that into account. We are open to examining comparisons if those are on an equal level.

Nevertheless, we will enable spreading audio processing (“multiprocessing”) soon, but you should know that this also “steals” CPU from other processes like tracks preloading (vital for loop processing), video etc.

Oh, and thanks for the project, we are examining it.

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You seem triggered. Why?

The only thing I care as a customer is that I can use the software for the intended purpose. That’s why I bought it.

Both Cubase Pro 13 and Cantabile are capable of processing my live play with multiple sound layers smoothly without any crackles. That’s all what counts for me.

And I can see that they distribute CPU usage equally to all cores, whereas Live Pro 2 just takes one core with 100% load and the others are just getting one digit percentage usages. So for me it looks like it’s not yet optimized for my purpose. I’m not using video nor light effects, I just play my VSTs.

Thank you for investigating the project file, and hopefully the spreading of audio processing will be released soon.

In your project, you are running loads of Layers and nothing else. That case will certainly benefit from using more cores for audio processing, and we’ll do our best to provide this soon. The real problem is to prevent hazard due to other processes fighting for cores and blocking.

Comparisons of this kind are often unfair, but in this case I give in :slight_smile:

Quick update: Just downloaded and installed 2.0.14 pre and tested it with the previous project: Day and night! :slight_smile:

Now it runs without any glitches!

It’s also good to have it configurable for all the others that might want to keep it the old way for whatever technical reason.

Steinberg guys, thank you so much for this multicore update, it gets rid of the one thing that kept me from using this otherwise great software! :smiley:

Additionally, the CPU consumption. As you can see, without multicore there is still one core that gets most of the processing

With multicore enabled, it looks this way:

I recognized one thing: The button seems to be reverse: If you have multicore “on” (=filled with white color), multicore seems to be off, and crackles occur.
When the multicore button is “off”, there seems to be multicore enabled.


Glad to see that it works for you!

Can this be true @jopl ? @musicullum ?

It is indeed, very sorry for that.
We had a debug test for it where we “abused” another preference, and for that we reversed the operation. That got copy/pasted without removing the inversion.
Of course, it will be fixed with the next version.


Glad I could help! :smile: