Audio cut off when change lane

The audio signal got cut off or muted momentarily when I change lane in Cubase 8.5, but it doesn’t happen all the time; if I keep switching lanes while play back, I get maybe one mute every 6 or 7 switches. I do not encounter such problem in Cubase 6.5.

Anyone has a solution to this?



I have never had that problem on my system… Have you checked that you have the latest graphics card drivers? Or perhaps your machine is struggling, or you’re using too small a latency? Also check/change the ASIO settings to see if this makes a difference. It may help us if you write your DAW specs here (in your signature perhaps?) as well.

There’s also a useful sticky topic about real-time issues, and SB have two knowledge-base articles for optimizing MACs and Windows DAWs which are worth looking at.


I have experiences this, though not as frequently.

I have finally traced the problem to the Cache setting. After setting the Cache to a fixed 3047 MB, the problem seems to disappear. But after I connected it to my other DAW running Vienna Ensemble Pro. the problem comes back again - whenever I change lane the audio would be cut off momentarily.

I assume it has something to do with the cache setting also. Any advice on what I should try?



I think I have solved the problem. ASIO Guard is the culprit. I disabled it and everything is normal.