Audio cuts and performance problem on UR824

Hello, I’ve my UR 824 on a Windows 7 64 bits recent installed. I’m having a big issue with the performance and use of it. When I play a sound audio, like a spotify song, or cubase recorded song the audio played interrupts randomly and the system performance of PC is satured (look this link Logicallky with this problem it’s impossible to work correctly and record audio on Cubase.

My system is follow:

i7 3Ghz Motherboard x58A-UD5
16 Gb RAM
Windows 7 pro 64 bits Original
Cubase 8 Pro original

please if someone can help me I’ll appreciate so much, so I’m desperate with this big issue. : (((
Thanks for all in advance

Sorry, I forgot describe my drivers configuration:

Hardware Firmware version: 211 for windows
Drivers Version: