Audio cuts out cubasis 2.8

Hello all…

recently I’ve been experiencing audio cutting out completely.

first time I was using cubasis 2.8 ios12. 3. 10.5pro…
project was playing, while playing another sound the audio just cut out, the mixer volume meters were still moving as normal…

it’s happened a few times since,
Tonight I was running AUM with three synths,
Sunrizer, pure synth platinum, & D1, running into cubasis through AUM port1.
all of a sudden the audio all cut out…
i went back to cubasis 5-10seconds later, a reverb noise light crack sound, and the audio came back

the Last app I installed was “Audio damage., Channel Strip” was wondering if this was the issue??

has anyone else had this issue?
or any ideas of what would be causing it?

Many thanks. :roll_eyes:

Hi Yammy85,

Thanks for your message.

I’d suggest to do these steps:

  • Please create a snapshot of your project.
  • Once done, please double tap the snapshot to load a copy of your project (in avoiding breaking things in your original project).
  • Afterwards please unload third party effects and/or instruments piece by piece, to find out which app creates the issue.

Please keep me updated about your progress!

Thanks &
Best wishes,

Hello Lars.

thank you for your assistance,

this seems to be a random issue, but next time I will try the steps you have suggested.

i did have an instance where as the main out on the mixer meter was about half way but not moving, like it had stopped/frozen?

i will update you if i find a solution.

best regards

Hi Yam,

Thanks for the update.

Is it possible, that you’ve maxed out the processing power of the iPad, due to the number of apps running?
Nevertheless, please give it also a try to find out if one particular app leads to the problem (as mentioned before).

Please keep us updated about your findings.