Audio cuts out randomly after 8.0.20 update

I just installed 8.0.2, and suddenly my audio suddenly quits at random for a few seconds, then turns back on. Happens both while recording or playing back. (I’m using the 32-bit version). Anybody else experiencing this, or any idea what might be causing it?


Hmm i just upgraded today aswell. Not much audio in my template but a lot of Kontakt instances and i was getting alot of drop outs when i never got any in 7.5.

I had to lower the Preload Buffer in Kontakt *from the standard 60 to 18) just to achieve the same polyphony i was getting with 7.5. Not sure why that is.

I suspect it was a plugin or virtual instrument - this project file had a number of “experimental” tracks that were muted and not being used. I archived the tracks I was actually using, and imported them into a clean project file. It seems to be working okay now.

The problem recurred shortly after my last post. I haven’t found any consistent factors, except that this never happened before I installed 8.0.20. Now it happens frequently. When the audio cuts off, I just stop playback and start it again and it works. But it’s a little embarrassing when I have clients in the studio.

I start most of my projects with a template pre-loaded with my most-used plugins. I suspect one of them is the culprit. When I have time I’ll try to isolate whether the problem stops when some of them are removed, and I’ll post any findings here.

Hi kyleknapp,

could you please check if “Release Driver when Application is in Background” is enabled? and if so, try disabling it.
Please let me know if that helps.


“Release Driver when Application is in Background” is NOT enabled.

I notice I do not have “ASIO-Guard” activated. I’ve never known what this is for, but the manual says it should increase system stability, so I’ll try activating it. I’ll post back on whether it seems to make a difference.

I also notice that ASIO-Guard is only available with “Multi Processing” enabled. Multi Processing allows for use of multiple CPUs - does this require multiple processor chips, or does my Quad-Core i5 qualify as having multiple CPUs?

Almost. Your CPU has 4 CPU’s inside, although they are referred to as cores when they share the same chip.

just found this:

Multi-processing is for multiple physical CPU’s not cores. Some plugs don’t play nice with it checked.

Guess I’ll try switching Multi Processing off instead.

Now, while I’m still on the “Device Setup Page”, would someone be so kind as to explain “Audio Priority”, “Steinberg Audio Power Scheme”, “Disk Preload”, “Adjust for Record Latency” and “Record Shift”? I can’t find anything about these in the manual, and the “Help” button for this screen is grayed out.

well, I’ve tried it with AND without Multi Processing, ASIO-Guard, and Steinberg Audio Power Scheme. Audio drop-out happens each time.

That’s wrong.

That’s wrong.

Thank you. Can someone official from Steinberg confirm this? I was finally able to open the context help (by opening Cubase 7.5 - it’s still grayed out in 8.0.2) - it’s helpful, but is just slightly ambiguous on this detail. It says:

Multi Processing - This option is only available if there is more than one CPU in the computer

Which seems to imply that that the feature would be grayed out, or simply not visible, if Cubase did not detect multiple CPUs capable of supporting it (although it could mean that the feature simply won’t do anything). For now, I’m going on the assumption that since I’m able to SEE the option, it is actually available, and I’m enabling Multi Processing. If someone official knows differently, please advise.

Anyway, I’m back to the speculation that a plug-in is causing my problem. I’d guess the way to isolate it is to remove ALL plugins from a project, see if the problem recurs, then add the plugs back in, one at a time, until I find one that seems to trigger the issue. This will be time consuming, as I may have to playback/listen all the way through the project several times for each plugin used. Hopefully I’ll find time to do this in the next few days.