Audio cutting out and playback not responding

Hey y’all.

I just came back to Dorico now that school’s back in session and most of my mixing work has gone down, so its back to the manuscripts and writing big band charts. I’m not sure if this is a common bug or not but whenever I open Dorico, I can play my entire chart all the way through to the end but after that if I try to play back any sections the playhead stutters a bit and the audio completely cuts out. Same with trying to do any note input after that initial playback. I just upgraded to 3.5 and I had this issue pop up in Dorico 3 as well, I restarted the application plenty of times, same with my computer and it still persists.

Is this a known bug or is it just something that popped up?

What VSTinstrument(s) are you using? If you use NotePerformer, then it is a known bug. After stopping the first playback, NotePerformer messes with the ASIO driver and consequently everything is garbled. A fix version of NotePerformer is on the way. A workaround is to increase the ASIO buffer size to >= 20ms.

If you don’t use NotePerformer, then it is a new, unknown issue. In that case, please provide a diagnostics report (Help > Create Diagnostics Report). A short audio recording (even via smartphone) would also be helpful, to get an impression of what it sounds like, because from that we might also draw conclusions.

I use the stock Halion Plugins, Analog Lab and UVI Keysuite. This is also all on Mac, I’ll file a report later today