Audio Cutting Out - Solved!

Did you try disabling that? Often that’s just aftermarket junk anyway.

In System / Power, are you running on high performance Power mode?

With only 35% memory usage I doubt this will make any difference, but is your swap file large enough and is there enough room on your hard drive? In System / About / Advanced System Settings click on Performance / Settings then Advanced / Virtual Memory / Change. Is Windows automatically managing your paging file size? Does the size set seem abnormally small? Your drive isn’t so full that there’s not room for the file is it?

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Hey, man. Here’s the drive usage. Should be plenty of space.

By the way, I freaking hate Windows 11. Every time I go back to sound settings it takes a while to find it. :slight_smile: Old Windows was more obvious.

I turned off Audio Enhancements. Can’t tell it made a difference.

I will work through the other things you said.

I feel like I am missing some very obvious Dorico setting since other apps play audio just fine.

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I changed Power Mode from “Recommended” to “Best Performance.” Problem is not solved, but it seems to be better. Too early to tell, but at least I can get some work done for now. I will see if it holds. Still getting some dropouts, but less often.

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With that much RAM and drive space, I’m pretty sure you can ignore all the swap file settings I mentioned, as I doubt they are a factor at all.

I just downloaded your Diagnostics file and peeked in your Preferences. According to your Dorico Preferences you have 44.1kHz as your sample rate, but a couple of posts up you said Windows is set at 48kHz. That would certainly cause issues if Dorico and Windows don’t match.


Windows does not seem to want me changing that. It looks like a drop-down but there are no choices.

Where do I change this in Dorico? NEVER MIND. I found it and changed to 48000. We’ll see if that helps.Thanks. :slight_smile:

(44.1K used to be the default, but nobody burns CDs anymore.)

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OK did not help unfortunately. Now the overall volume is way quieter for some reason. I usually kept it on 60% but now it’s too quiet at 100%. Other apps are fine. What the heck is going on?

LatencyMon should be able to tell you if there is something else on the system that is interfering, like a malfunctioning device driver:

Have you run the troubleshooter I suggested?

Perhaps also run an extensive memory test.

And how about the Generic Low latency ASIO driver?

I really want to help you! You can see I am thinking about your hardware, and also drivers. I know you say it is only Dorico, nevertheless, if you can prove you have a good foundation that always helps.

44.1 puts less load on your computer, and ordinary humans cannot hear the difference between 44.1 and 48 as 44.1 goes up to 20kHz and most people can’t hear beyond that, especially when older.

See for example:

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What exact release of Windows are you running?

Have you tried exclusive mode? For me, this seems to work better with Dorico in Windows 11, although turning this off for me does not produce the dropouts you asre finding. But a worthwhile check.


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Thanks, @Andro . I can’t find where to change this in Windows 11. (I can find the read-only field.)

(I agree no one can hear the difference and I’m making mockups, not tracks for sync. I just need to hear what I’m doing.)

Hi @konradh,
did you see, I’ve sent you a private message via this forum. Please check.

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Yes, I did and I really appreciate it! I just had to check some things before responding.

Thank you!

I think Alexander already responded to you by email, but I would suggest:

  1. Close the NotePerformer UI in case it’s graphics-related.

  2. Close all other applications.

  3. Reboot and run Dorico with no other programs running.

  4. Make sure the power adapter is connected.

When severe and random performance issues occur on Windows, my first thoughts are 1) another application halts performance, or 2) Windows is throttling the CPU or limiting system timer accuracy to save energy.

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Thank you. When you say the “NotePerfomer UI,” do you mean the interface in the Play view of Dorico, or are you talking about opening NP outside of Dorico (which I have never done)?

I’m beginning to think this is a Dorico-Windows issue and not a NP problem.

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The NP mixer interfaces that are opened by Dorico. Not the separate application.

I can’t think of much to add, but does the same thing happen when using studio monitors and earphones? (trying to rule out where sound may be cutting out)

Hey, people don’t bob their head to window sounds, but they do to music, so if there was cutting out due to a connection that could trigger it)

The dropouts occur whether using headphones or the laptop speakers.

Oddly, though, the laptop speakers are now very quiet in Dorico only. Audio volume is fine in other apps, but I have had to switch to earbuds for Dorico.

Sorry, if this has already been suggested, but you could open a new score template, add only 1 instrument and add several bars of notes. See if it happens on playthrough.

If not, keep adding another instrument, and repeat until it happens again.

Also, maybe load up Dorico example piece (Prelude?) and NP and put that through and see if same problem.