Audio cutting out

Hi all,

I’ve been using the trial version of Cubase Elements for about 1 week now and absolutely love it. However, I’ve noticed that often times while I am messing around with MIDI tracks (playing/recording/playback) the audio will cut out with crackling pop noises. Most of the time the MIDI sounds fine, but this will happen every 2 minutes or so pretty consistently. If I am recording, it will still record the audio as if there was no cut out at all…but it is still annoying when it happens.

I’m tempted to try an external audio interface to see if that fixes it as I am currently only using ASIO4all, but I wanted to see if anybody else had some thoughts on this.

Here is my set up:
Windows 10
intel i7
16 Gig RAM
Williams Allegro 2 MIDI Keyboard

Much appreciated!

Hi and welcome,

Increase your Audio Device (in your case ASIO4ALL) Buffer Size, please.

Thanks for the reply! I discovered recently that whenever the pops do happen the “Disk” meter spikes up randomly as well. It only happens to my sounds that I’ve stored on an external HD. Thoughts?


Did the Buffer Size increasing help? This is linked with the Disk spikes.