Audio Damage 64-bit news

Good news from Audio Damage about 64-bit updates from their email newsletter:-

64 Bits and Counting
Audio Damage Eos, our flagship reverb plug-in, has been revved to 1.1.0 on the Windows side and 1.4.0 on the OS X side. It is now true 64-bit for all versions. If you own Eos, log in to your account in the AD store and grab the latest version.

We will be updating Discord3 and Replicant1.5 to 64-bit on the OS X side of things by the end of the week, with Phosphor and Axon to follow next week. After that, we’ll be revving other products in order of popularity, starting with Dubstation.

Nice! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any AudioDamage plugs, but I feel happy that small company’s like them update to 64bits…

Sad about Waves, Soundtoys and UAD… :unamused:

I might have to buy now :wink:

I’ve only got Ricochet and Eos, but might invest in a few more of their products now - good value for money as well.

Good news! I love Kombinat - total destruction as an insert or use it lightly as a send for additional texture/grit.