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Hey forum-users,

I am currently doing Voice-Overs for a documentation for a client.
I received some specs for the delivery, which I am not 100% sure about, maybe someone can help me ?

“5.1 and +20 LT/RT final printmaster”

I found out that “LT/RT” is a matrix-decoded 2-Channel downmix format. Is Nuendo capable of doing this ? Or do I need something like “Neyrinck SoundCode LtRt Tools” which I found online?
The other thing which I am not very sure about is the “+20”, can someone help me out with this?



If you’re only doing a voice over and aren’t delivering the final mixes and stems then I don’t think that section should apply to you. Surely a re-recording engineer should take care of it after you’re done.

Yes. Mix Convert can do that.
But don’t bother. That Lt.Rt thing is something that -for some unknown reason- is kept in specs .
It’s out-of-date, not needed anymore and completly useless.

The “20” should be 2.0 . Left/right, no sub.

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I do deliver the final mixes and stems.

Thanks for your answer!
Are you sure about that +20, because the customer named it twice:
“5.1 and +20 LT/RT final printmaster, 5.1 final Dialogue stem, and conformed 5.1, +20 LT/RT master”

I heard something like “+20 over reference”, which, as far as I understand, says something about limitting the master…

If it would have been minus 20, then it would make sense.
No idea what that +20 could be.


I think it’s a typo: Probably supposed to read:
“5.1 and +2.0 LT/RT final printmaster, 5.1 final Dialogue stem, and conformed 5.1, +2.0 LT/RT master”


Hey Fredo, I am new to Nuendo and tested the MixConvert and the MAtrixDecoder, but I cannot find anything to convert my 5.1-Interleaved File to a LT/RT, can you tell me how it is done ?


Make a 2.0 output bus if you haven’t already.
Make a 5.1 Audio Channel and route that to the 2.0 bus, mix convert will be applied automatically on the ‘panning’ area of the channel and downmixed to 2.0. You can double click on it to see the settings per channel, the default usually works fine.

Now render converted channel, or select the file and use the export window to select the 2.0 channel and export it to a folder of your choice.

P.s. LtRt (Left Total, Right Total) used to be a Dolby SR stream for film, which contained 4 encoded channels, LCR and a mono surround channel(LCRS). When mastering for film you would use a Dolby SR Encoder to fold down these channels to 2.0 or Left Total - Right Total. This could only be properly decoded by an SR decoder.

thats interesting, i dont have this button…

You have to route your 5.1 channel to a stereo channel.
Your picture shows a 5.1 to 5.1


Exactly… like I explained;)

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Okay, as you can see I am absolutely new to Nuendo, I will check it again.
But I got a bit confused, The Lt/Rt File will still be a regular Stereo-File ? Because I bought the NEYRINCK SOUNDCODE LTRT TOOLS
to get and to check a Lt/Rt - Mix, and I got no difference between a regular downmixed file and my decoded file.
I tried it out to encode both Stereo-Files (One decoded and one with the native-Downmixer from Pro Tools) with the Soundcode plugin and both sounded the same, am I doing something wrong?


Yeah sry, I am new to Nuendo x)
But can you explain me (for idiots) how this Lt/Rt thing works?
I bought " NEYRINCK SOUNDCODE LTRT TOOLS" to decode my 5.1 Mix to a Stereo-File. So far so good…
But my regular Downmixed-File sounds exactly the same when encode back again to 5.1… Shouldn’t it be different?

And thank you already for helping me out! <3

I got it!!! I don’t know what I did wrong, but now it works.
Now my Lt/Rt Mix can be decoded with the plugin, so I can hear my surround mix exactly the same as the original!!

Apparently you are pretty new to Surround too …

A 5.1 project has 6 channels.
Left, Right, Center, LFE, Left Surround and Right Surround.

An Lt/Rt has 2 channels of which the Center, Left Surround and Right Surround are “encoded” at 90° within the stereo file. When decoded by a ProLogic decoder, you get a pretty good Surround Playback.

So yes, the Lt/Rt file (not decoded by ProLogic) will sound exactly as your 5.1 downmix.


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Hey Fredo,

thanks for your answer, now everything is clear to me!