Audio Device dialog

When working with multiple monitors, the device setup dialog sometimes does not open on the same monitor as the preferences panel.
But could the audio device setup not just be directly in the preferences->play->audio device instead of there being one single button that opens a dialog anyway?

Dialogs and windows normally open on the display on which the mouse pointer is located, because that display is in some sense “active”. The reason those settings are behind a button in Preferences is because they are also (more conveniently) available in the Edit menu.

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I have another experience. The windows/dialogs remember their last positions (also on multiple displays). For settings dialogs this is weird, because you have to close it anyway for the changes to be applicable.
Oh, I never noticed that button under Edit. Kinda feels out of place there. I would rather expect it as a button somewhere near the designated playback or mixer buttons.
If that button in Edit stays there, wouldn’t it be a better experience to have it open settings and for example scroll directly to the audio device options?

That’s true, of course, after you have opened a dialog the first time, it will remember the size and position at which it was last shown.