Audio device not shown

My usual audio device is not shown in dorico. But is shown in windows device manager and can be used by other applications. Can you pleas help me?
Thank you

Which is your usual device? And could you please do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

My usual device is Roland SC-D70 SoundCanvas. The zip file is attached.
Dorico (1.8 MB)

That is interesting, Dorico does recognize the MIDI ports of your Roland, but not the audio ports.
I don’t know that Roland, I suppose it has some Control Panel where you can set parameters like buffer size and so on. Can you check in there to what sample rate and audio format it is set to?
Also, is it maybe used exclusively by another audio app? Try to close any other app and only run Dorico, does that get any better?

I have no access to the Control Panel outside dorico. I did never change the sample rate and audio format. Closing other apps does not help either.

I just see that ROLAND SC-D70 appears in Siblius as WASAPI and as MME but not as AIO. Does this information help?

Well, yes and no. Dorico only uses ASIO and nothing else. What if you change in Dorico to the Generic Low Latency Driver and then click on the Control Panel button. In the dialog box that then pops up, does the Roland turn up there in the list of output ports?

Yes, it does.

And when you select the Roland in there by ticking the little checkbox in front of it, does then sound come through from Dorico?

Yes, it sounds. The same with ASIO4ALL V2.

Okay, in that case there must be something wrong with the Roland-ASIO driver. I’d try reinstalling or checking for an updated version.

I have reinstalled the driver (Vista-Edition for Windows 10). It was not easy, but now everything works again. Thank you very much!

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