Audio Device Setup more accesible

I use Dorico in my Mac Laptop and sometimes I am in my studio and sometimes I am on the go. The thing is that in my studio I use a dedicated audio interface and on the go I use the integrated audio driver. However, everytime I switch I have to go to DORICO - PREFERENCES - PLAY (scroll down a lot) and Audio Device Setup to make it sound again.

Couldn’t it be faster? I mean, in Cubase it happens something similar yet you have a direct access to the equivalent to Audio Device Setup, so it is just a click.

Nothing really important and maybe very specific, but it may be worth it to improve it (and it may be easy as well).

Also, if there is already a workaround, I would be really pleased to learn it!

Thanks in advance!

It’s accessible directly through the Edit menu.
Last entry. Hope it helps!


Wow! It sure helps :rofl:
Thank you very much!!!

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You can use the Jump bar pressing J and Write “Audio device setup”.

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