Audio Device Switch causes major track missaranging, kHz switch etc.

Cubase Elements
Hi guys
Today i switched from my Tascam-US-600 Audiodevice to the buildt in Realtek Low Latency Audiodriver, because i wanted to record vocals and had no second AUX-Converter Plug at hand, for the input. (I have no idea what they’re actually called) Since it didn’t work i i layed the vocals aside for th moment and switched back to the Tascamdriver. This caused all sorts of problems with my current work in project.

The bpm is set to 175 but cubase plays it as about 165 bpm.
Send-, as well as Insert Effects/Automation do not work anymore.

Record Format Samplerate got changed from 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz (showing yellow) and reverting it back causes rearrangement of tracks, midi as well as audio, that i cant fix in timely matter. In addition when i started doing that, the 2 Pianotracks where somehow ?out of tune? and ?disharmonizing?
Maybe important to note here is that 1 track is midi piano while the other is an audio mixdown of said midi, reversed.

Thanks in Advance

Hi and welcome,

Most probably the Sample Rate Project Setup is different from the Audio Device Sample Rate. Make sure, they match.