Audio Device Won't Let Go

This started when I upgraded to 4.3. I run my audio output through a UR22C. This has worked for years without a problem. Since the update, whenever to move from Dorico to another application that requires audio, Dorico won’t release the UR22C. The other apps fall back on the system speakers, which can be really painful. If I close Dorico the other apps output routes to the correct device, UR22C. I’ve been all over Dorico and docs looking for a setting that enables Dorico to release audio device when exiting without closing. I would appreciate some advice.

Thank you

Version (Dec 6 2022)
Window 10

You say this started with the upgrade to 4.3. So you had 4.2 before or from what version are you coming?
Fact is, you have to close Dorico or switch Dorico to a different driver in order to release the UR22C. The UR22C driver is not multi client capable.

The device is UR22c. The drivers I use are ASIO4ALL2 v2, which is the driver that I’ve used for several years not. My upgrade was from 4.2. Has something changed?

Except for few minor bug fixes nothing has changed in Doricos audio engine in the update to 4.3. The Generic Low Latency driver changed but according to you, you don*t use that one. Well I dont know ASIO4All very much, but I know you could use the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver with your UR22C in one application and then in the other application the Generic Low Latency driver and that one also switch to UR22C, then you can hear the sound from both apps via the UR22.

I’ll play around with it and see if I can get to work.

Thank you for the advice. I’ll let you know how it goes.


It worked. Changed drivers to ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIC’. Dorico no longer ties up the auto when I move to other applications.

Thank you

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