Audio distorted & playing at wrong sample rate?


Having a problem with Cubase Ver. 5 where the audio is distorted and playing slow. Hadn’t used Cubase for a month or so and then it started doing this as soon as I opened a session recently. It does it with any session, any sample rate. I tried all the usual stuff up to the point of reinstalling the software but before I do that, I want to see if there are any suggestions. Another interesting thing is that Cubase quits unexpectedly whenever I exit from the Device setup window, and that is something that’s been going on since before this current problem.
Thanks in advance for any help on this!

Trash Prefs? Same behavior in a new project?

Yeah. Once I trashed the prefs it would play properly through the iMac’s soundcard or when I had the ASIO driver set to ProTools Aggregate I/O which routes it through the iMac’s card again, but still not when ASIO is set to Digi 002. Maybe it’s an Avid driver issue?

Guess not, I just reinstalled the driver and that didn’t help…

It’s most likely the Digi 002 driver, these things were tied into protools and the asio driver is an afterthought.

Don’t think so, it was working just fine before and this is a sudden thing. And as I said, I reinstalled the driver (same one as I had been using just to see if it had been corrupted or something) and it’s still doing it.
Any other ideas?

Could be a corrupt project or even plug-in. Does a new project show the same behavior?

I sorted this out shortly after my last post on it. Sorry, I should have posted the solution right away.
It’s the buffer size. The Digi 002 only allows 64, 128, 256, 512 & 1024 while Cubase allows you to select other sizes as well. A 44.1 session worked with 128 but when I tried an 88.2 session, it would only work at 1024.

Thanks all for your replies.