Audio driver for Cubase 12 editing only (no mic or physical instrument inputs)


Setup: Laptop ASUS (AMD Rhyzen 7, 3201 Mhz, 8 Cores, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 Home, ASIO4ALL driver). VSTs from Steinberg The Grand 3, Embertone Strings, and Spitfire Audio (all on external drive).

I am editing Cubase projects and have run into countless sound issues since I upgraded from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 12. From the discussion forum posts I have read, the culprit may be ASIO4ALL and its limitations.

I need a more powerful audio driver that will not cause all the problems associated with ASIO4ALL. I do not need a device for microphones or any other type of input, since i am only editing. I only need the software driver that will manage sound traffic within Cubase and to my speaker/headphones.

Can I purchase a specific driver for my setup? Or am I obliged to get an additional piece of hardware?



Buy an Audio Device with stable and reliable ASIO driver. For example and Steinberg Audio Device.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that means I must get additional hardware, which is precisely what I would like to avoid.

The weak link is the the built-in sound on your laptop, not a problem of drivers.

But try raising the audio buffer size to its highest value, that might help.

Your internal audio interface does not have asio drivers which is why you need to use asio4all and being advised to get an interface with dedicated asio drivers. Steinberg supply asio drivers for there own hardware as do all other interface manufacturers

I’ve never had a problem with Focusrite: Scarlett Solo | Focusrite


I’m sorry, Focusrite is mentioned as unstable driver here in the forum quite often.

Thank you all for these responses.

In the meantime my system has unexplicably got stable again and is working fine–for now. I have no idea what happened. I cannot replicate the issue. Reading @Steve I suspect the laptop built-in sound gets pesky when submitted to too much demands, so thanks for the insight and buffer size increase suggestion.

I happen to have a Focusrite 18i8 3rd generation in store, so thanks @Martin.Jirsak @reberclark and @mkok, yes I will set that up next time I run into this kind of trouble again. If it also proves unstable as per @Martin.Jirsak, then I may well come back to the forum for advice.

Cubase seems to me quite a prima donna, but it is amazing what one can get out of it, hence the frustration when I can’t get it to work.

Again, thanks a lot for your contributions!