Audio driver problem within Cubase Elements 9.5


Have also posted this on the Steinberg hardware forum as it crosses both:

We had a PC crash and have been reinstalling our Cubase software and also the UR242 firmware. We thought the firmware had installed properly but upon launching Cubase Elements 9.5, even though it allows us to select it on launch, it says ‘Driver could not be selected’ … Pushing through to see if it shows up in the Studio Set-Up/VST Audio System menu, yes it does BUT upon selecting it we get the message "This setting requires more CPU than is available’ which never came up in the past and we have no other apps open. Help, anyone?

Noel and Tony

Firmware is written to the hardware and won’t need reinstalling. The tools for UR are what you need to install.
Did you do this too?

Thanks for the reply. The answer is: My son had malware & antivirus apps running during our downloads and reinstallation’s that prevented a successful install. I’m a Mac person and he’s 13 so now we know. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else going through similar problems.