Audio drop out after 9.0.20


I am getting audio drop out aaall the time after upgrading to cubase pro 9.0.20.

Anyone else have the same issue?



Yes, midi channels working fine, audio channels randomly dropping out. Was happening under 9,0,10 too, upgrade to ,20 made no difference. On Mac OS Sierra

Only fix I’ve found is to add a new audio channel, copy or move the audio down onto it and remove the original track.

I am having major performance issues with 9.0.20. Projects that previously worked fine will barely play at all now. :cry:

Glad to see these posts. Cubase since 9 has been a disaster for me. Steinberg continue to roll out bugs and charge me for it. I open songs pre 9.0.20 and the vocal track drops out randomly. The only fix is to export as a MIDI file and re-import audio. Also the “Halion is missing a licence” issue comes and goes for no apparent reason.

any solutions to these problems??? can’t see any response from steinberg

i’m a working producer… can’t even use it now. back on 8.5 as that works aleast… but what have I paid for ??


I thought I am alone here!
Reddit thread:

Hmmm maybe i got the same problem…

it happens only on audio tracks when i use time warp…
Same dropouts as on the vid… not that often, about 37 bars to audio drops en after a few seconds the audio comes back…
Really anoying though!

Tried a lot of tweaks etc. nothing works…

Same here. Total mess. Can’t even pin down what might be causing it as it’s random to a point. When it does start happening it gets into a fairly regular timing of the drop outs. If I restart my system then it may or may not return. Recording is also affected. When it happens in recording I get about forty seconds of recording then it drops out. Sometimes its’s a little longer but the majority is about forty seconds.

I decided to do a little detective work and eventually worked out that my problem was Avast anti virus. I was using the free version. After switching things off and on, avast seemed to be the culprit. I went and checked around the internet and it seem that this has been a problem for some time. I’ve never had the problem until fairly recently so I had assumed it was something else that caused the problem. That what upgrades can do. Anyway, uninstalled avast and I’m back to clean uninterrupted recording and playback.

Update. Installed AVG(free version) Problem came back. Uninstalled AVG problem went away. I’m back to using Windows Defender and everything is working fine at the moment.

In case you get the problem that I had when Defender decided that another AV was in use on my system, this can be caused by left over rubbish that a lot of AVs leave behind.
The solution I found was to go into the control panel/Security and maintenance/Security. Defender will be switched off so just switch it on and all should be fine.

Hope this helps.


Thought removing AVG was the answer…
Tried it, turned defender on, but the problem stays the same, this shit is really get me angry…
The preformance meter shows no overload on disc or whatever…

One thing I did first was to uninstall the 9.0.20 update. Whether that makes a difference I don’t know. I have subsequently reinstalled the 9.0.20 update after sorting the Avast problem out and it seems to be working fine. Have to tried running Cubase with the virus software disabled? That’s how I found out the fix.
It may be a different thing from what I was getting. The way I found out what was causing the problem was to open up the task manager and play something in Cubase. I just sat and watched the task manager and tried to spot something spiking when there was a dropout. It took ages and I had to do it a lot of times because a lot of stuff is changing in the task manager anyway. The spikes I was getting from Avast were pretty small so it was pretty difficult to spot them. I think eventually my brain tuned in to what was going on and I was sure but not certain that it was avast. I just decided to switch it off and see what happened and found the cure.

Same problem, although not as often as in the video. Audio playing does very short (<1/2 sec) dropouts every 5-10 minutes, totally at random. No corresponding bounce in the VST meter. Latency Monitor says the system is fine. I can play CDs through my MR816s without dropouts, but if I import the same CD to Cubase, I get random dropouts in playback. In record, it will occasionally drop out and the system will stop recording. It shows an error message. This is nuts! Can’t get a return call from Steinberg either.

Yes, C9 audio dropouts are happening. Not so much ofthen but every 1 minutes or so. Clicks pops.
I checked everything. It is just C9 is intterrupted or someting ? I only got C9 new now, so i cant say about early versions… But this can be a Windows 10 intteruption, i dont know.

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