Audio Drop Out and Timing Glitches (somewhat corrected, not perfect)

Update: Issue somewhat corrected by Reset. Not perfect, but back to normal “imperfect” operations. (7/20/19)

Getting audio drop-outs, “zit” sound that sounds like a short circuit at times when a track is just selected during playback. Clocks lose synch with almost any or every move.

Here are where I’m getting audio drop-out, glitches and clock drop-out problems (system, drivers and hardware working normally):

During Playback:
Solo/Unsolo Track or Tracks (drop out, timing glitch)
Listen Bus enable/disable for Track or Tracks (drop out, timing glitch)
Mute/Unmute Track or Tracks (drop out, timing glitch)
Move Fader on track during playback (drop out, timing glitch)
Enable/Disable channel strip or other plug-ins (drop out, timing glitch) (impossible to A/B Eq band in/out for example)
Select Track during playback (drop out, timing glitch)

Projects have to be started several times before they playback. It seems the VSTs are not loading correctly. It seems each track has to be, more or less, individually initialized, if you will, before it will play. There’s often a “zit” sound first and then the instrument’s patch plays.

Some of these problems are intermittent but the basic repro is: 1) create or load project, 2) add tracks or play existing, 3) observe drop out/timing glitchs in areas mentioned above.

Cubase always struggled to load plug-ins and instruments during playback. I adopted the workflow of not adding such during playback. However, now, even after loading, the above drop-out and timing glitchs are much worse than ever before. (I started with Pro 8 and have move up with each increment to Pro 10).

As it is now Cubase Pro 10 is not a viable platform for Recording, Producing, Mixing or Playing back music.


In the Tape Days, if the machine broke down you rented a new machine (or whatever) while the one was being repaired. What are we supposed to do now?

I hate having to post that this is the situation, but it is. :frowning:


I would recommend to test your system, if it’s real-time audio capable.

Start with the LatencyMon, please.

Hi Stephen,

What kind of buffer settings are you running on your interface and what ASIO Guard settings are you using? Does the issue improve at all when you increase the buffer size. Also have you tried starting with a blank project with no VSTs or VSTis and started adding elements one at a time. If so, are having major issues right off the bat or is it when you add a certain element or get to a certain track count that the problem appears?

First, I’m please to say that some of the issues resolved when I did a full re-set of the Preferences. I think my DAW had not updated correctly moving from Ver. Pro 10.0.2 to Ver. Pro 10.0.3. (Chord Pad Sections were not operating > Major Reset > that and some of these audio issues seem to have resolved).

Anyway, I’m not sure what Optimum Settings for my system would be. Any suggestions, advice, recommendations would be welcome.

I’ve tried various settings for Studio Audio set-up and can’t say I’ve noticed an any better or worse performance with various settings. ASIO Guard is set to “Normal” – using Boost seems to have no impact on anything including the glitches.

Sample Rate: 48K
Buffer: 512 (or lower) for recording individual or a few tracks (not more than two or three). For more simultaneous tracks, I use Compensation.
Tracks are recorded to Wave files at 24K (Internal Processing, 32bit float).

Thanks for the helpful questions and suggestions. Again, anything further you’d suggest here is welcome. I’d be very interesting in optimizing the system if possible. Here’s the setup I use:

The short story is the Cubase is at least usable again.

Best Regards,