Audio Drop Out CB9 Pro HELPPPPPP

Hi Guys, Ive upgraded to Cubase 9 pro and its driving made with audio drop outs.i’m an occasional user nd just want to be creative for 5 mins but its a never ending battle and I’m failing out of love with cubase.
please can someone help here is the issue and what I got

gets to about 20 seconds of recording and dies and its only one channel of acoustic guitar,

I got a MacBook Pro 13in early 2015
3.1GHz Interl Core i7
16gb 1867 MHz DDR3
MacOS Sierra 10.12.4

UR824 Audio Interface

Cubase Version 9.0.30 build 266


Make sure you have the latest UR driver installed. Try to increase Buffer Size.

Is there SSD drive in your Mac, or is it HDD? Do you have enough free space on the drive?

Thanks Martin, UR driver all up to date.
I have a SSD in my Mac so should be fine and 600GB free so loads of space.

The real time audio peak on the VST Performance Monitor is going crazy, must be to do with that.

So whats the best way to increase buffer size and also should I have the ASIO guard on? I’m not to familiar with this stuff.

Thanks so much



Try to increase Buffer Size in any case. While Recording (especially if you are recording 1 track only, and there are no other tracks yet) the ASIO Guard doesn’t take a big effect. But I would enable it too and set to mid.