Audio drop out error message

Ahh yes!!! Thank you jovemprogramador.

Unchecking the Activate Multi Processing in the Studio Setup Seems to have done it for me. My buffer is running at 512 samples on the UR-RT4. I have direct Monitoring engaged. Currently I’m recording at 8 mins with TWO tracks and no Drop Outs! Where as it was random where the best was 45 seconds! most were sub 20 secs.

Annoyingly now… I just noticed that have a random pulse of high pitched noise happening on channel one of the UR-RT4! There’s nothing plugged in to channel one!

Aaarrgghh! is there no end to Steinberg and Cubase issues???!!! :confounded:

Hi everyone,

First message here …

I 'm writing because i’m experiencing these annoying situation and message “Audio Dropout detected”, during recording only. I’m on cubase 10.5.
Shame that after all these years, the problem is still there ! Disapointed by Cubase and Steinberg …

I will try uncheck “Asio guard” or “Activate Multi processing”. Any other clue or testimony about THE Solution ? Dropbox ? Norton ? Avast ?