Audio drop out

Hi, I’m experiencing audio track intermittent drop out especially at low levels of volume. It’s like it’s got a gate on it. All drivers up to date. UR22 firmware updated. Is this a problem with windows 10 ? I only have usb 3.0 and the UR22 is usb 2.0 - is that the problem? I’ve spent so many hours trying to correct this it’s driving me mad. :rage::angry:

So on investigation if i mute all tracks except one audio track, i have playback issues on that one track. Playback the whole song and all audio tracks play correctly, huh?

Media player and Youtube playback without any glitches.

Ok so my newbie error. I had somehow managed to put a noise gate in the mix console. Duh. The track overview didnt light up with FX on so i thought it was clean. No so. Must try harder.