Audio drop-outs on R7 3800X with Cubase 10.5/Win10 latest update

Hey folks!

I’m wondering if anyone here can help me figure out the reason behind audio drop-outs with real-time audio.
This has been plaguing me for a while now…
Basically, as soon as there are any plugins in the project, I’m getting audio drop-outs and spikes in the performance meter within Cubase. No matter if it’s a larger session or one with a single track and plugin inserted.

Ran the LatencyMon while the dropouts are happening and this is what I get:

While LatMon thinks all is fine, I’m getting frequent drop-outs every 6-10 seconds.
Sure, the DirectX and nVidia drivers are causing a bit of latency spike.

Has anyone else had similar problems on a Ryzen system & nVidia GPU? Any suggestions?

Very strange. I’m on the version that’s in my sig and it’s been fine for me. No nVidia GPU though. I’ll have some coffee and ponder it.

You tried a clean project starting from scratch right? And double-checked that the buffer sizes are the same as before and not accidentally lowered? ASIO-guard on/off?

I have. I have also moved my Cubase installation with a fresh reinstall from the OS disk which is the PCI-e one to a SSD to perhaps offload any overlapping write/read instructions but to no change as well.

The settings are the same, buffer size 128 at 44.1kHz and ASIO guard set to High. This issue has been with me for a while though, it’s not the latest update that broke it. It’s just strange, because technically, everything hardware wise should be potent enough not to hang up.

If you haven’t done so - try to disable CPU throttling and run all CPUs on 100%. I think I by some reason have had dropouts when CPU throttling was enabled.

The power throttling is disabled and I’m on the Best Performance power mode, with USB sleep disabled.

Very strange.

I would probably go through my processes to see if there’s anything there that interferes. You could maybe load up a light project that should work and then bring up Task Manager and look at what processes you have running. “Hopefully” when you hear a glitch you might see one of them go from low usage to high usage in any of the columns (CPU, Memory, Disk etc).

And if you find something that peaks when you get dropouts you can try to disable it and run the project again and see if the error persists. Of course you can disable a bunch of stuff at start up to narrow things down maybe.

My Win 10 Pro installation loads like a gazillion of processes but they’re all pretty much doing nothing after the computer has booted and sat for about a minute or two, so no problems there.