Audio dropout errors when recording on a track with multiple lanes

I’m on Windows 10 64bit, Cubase 11 (but it also happens on version 10), AMD 3700X processor.
So this happens even on small and new projects.
I press record on a channel (for recording vocals for example) and it’s recording but suddenly the graphics are looking slower, and also the waveform look flat like nothing was recorded, and after I stop recording (if the error didn’t stop it yet), the channel looks like it’s stuck and still recording until i turn off the monitor button and then it stops looking like it’s recording and the audio dropout error shows up. it looks like it only records like a “dummy” event that is very very short.
At first it seemed that the trigger for the errors was that i activated and then deactivated the Constrain Delay Compensation button, cause that’s when the problem started for each track that “got broken”. but then i saw that the tracks the caused the error also have like 40-50 lanes (and there was just like 3 of them, so nothing heavy here).
I tried deleting all the inserts in the project but to no avail.
The only thing that makes the channel “recordable” again is if I either delete many lanes from it, or duplicate it but without the audio events so it has the same inserts but only 1 lane.
Basically it looks like the main problem happens when there are 30-50 lanes in a channel but messing with the Constrain Delay Compensation button is the actual trigger for it.


Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

Could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

I forgot to mention, it happens also when the buffer size is at maximum.

anyone? please help this is so annoying

and what happens when you run latencymon ?

looks good, it’s weird

looks good ?

how long did you run it for ? and what was the highest DPC/ISR and what caused them ?