Audio dropout in cubase 13 Pro

Using MacBook Pro 16 inch , i 9 Intel processor, 8 core 64 GB Ram 1 TB flash drive dual graphics card . Retina display 2019.
Used, Cubse 11,12, now 13 too much audio dropout problem in same computer logic with same load or more than that no single audio drop out even heavy vst like East West Hollywood bundle, serum, many etc kontakt library work good on logic. Some problem with Cubse ( Steinberg not concentrating) on this issue tried everything almost video on YouTube nothing is working. Tried cooler fan etc. from last many yeary I’m used too with this problem
No official video on this
Using cubes from almost Last 11 year’s
Now I realised that Cubse is not good enough to take load after 64 GB in few vst some time this problem arise disk overload, peak so many problems I’m use to cubase and learning logic the way I use cubase is difficult now. I hope they will provide any update on this and it should be one time buying and all update free . From Cubse 5 to 13 I spent almost 3/4 time price or more than that of new cubase.


What Audio Device do you use, please?

Could you try to increase the Buffer Size?