Audio Dropout Major Problem

A few days ago, punch in and out were not working. The punch in worked and ended out properly, but no midi data was recorded. I tried multiple times, but during the punch in and out, it received no midi data from my controller. I called Sweetwater tech support and they went through quite a bit of trouble shooting. This process did work on Cakewalk by Bandlab. Finally we renamed the current Cubase reference file and let it rebuild. Now the PI and PO received midi data. About a day later, playing back the project, I started to experience quick complete audio dropouts. I had this composition in Cakewalk and could play the 2 minute piece several times without dropout. All Youtube music videos play without dropout. I only get this in cubase. Yes I know about buffer settings. I’ve run a complete diagnostic on my computer and that passed. I’ve got 24gb of memory, and use two 2T ssd and another 2tb ssd for external backup. My version of Cubase Pro is 11.0.41. Using W10 64 bit Pro. Does reinstalling again from Steinberg DL Assistant an option? Is that the same as uninstalling the complete program through Windows then going to the DL assistant to reinstall from scratch? Regardless. What files should I save so that they are not overwritten. Key shortcuts, Macros, etc. I have wasted hours trying to trouble shoot the audio dropout with no success. Do you think since the Punch In and Out problem, the core program is somehow corrupted? Any input would be appreciated. I’ve been using Cubase 11 pro for 7 months and like the program, but this bug is making it unusable. Any experts out there that had a similar problem?
Thanks in advance,
Michael Warren