Audio dropout when punching in.

Is it happening just to me that a very small, but annoying audio dropout happens when I punch in record during playback? That didn’t take place in C6…

I noticed the same thing, though I just figured it was because I was punching in 10 drum tracks at once, on a project that was fully mixed.

I punched in many times more then 10 drum tracks with previous versions of Cubase - never had such a thing… Just tried it again - there’s no drop on playback tracks, but there’s a very small drop on the recorded track(s) when you press the record button and the track is being switched from playback to monitoring. Sometimes when you record vocal you have to punch in in the middle of a word and the vocalist is frustrated but even that small few milliseconds drop.
Once again - it never happened in previous versions…

Yes, here too. Recording a simple ac gut and vocal last night, could very clearly hear a drop out on punches. This needs to be addressed!

Already acknowledged: We are currently investigating it and we want to fix this as soon as possible.