Audio dropouts and failing to lock audio driver (windows)

I’ve just upgraded my SSD and had to reinstall OS and all Software. Now with same hardware except disk, I suddenly have random audio dropouts about every 10 seconds.

I’ve noticed that Nuendo also fails to lock the audio driver. I haven’t selected “release driver when running in background” option and still other software can use audio output from the same interface. It is even possible to start mp3 or run YouTube with audio while Nuendo is playing.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you on Mac or WIndows?

I would try to reinstall the Audio Device’s driver. If you are on Windows, install it as administrator, please.

If you are on Windows, could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

I would also inspect the system in general, if there is any repetitive task every 10sec.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply and sorry for not keeping this post updated. I’ve actually found the problem that’s been causing the dropouts already.

I’m currently very busy with mixing and I’ve only checked the projects I’m actually working on. They all had the mastering plugin ozone as an insert on the main out and that’s been causing the dropouts.

Now you will most certainly think that checking the inserts of the main out should have been the first thing to do - but I did. It just wasn’t enough to bypass the inserts in the channel setting. The dropouts kept occurring until I completely unloaded the plugin.

Nuendo is still failing to lock the audio driver. However it doesn’t bother me that much. I just thought, that the problem was related and focused too much on that.

I will certainly use LatencyMon if I run into any further problems. Thank you for that hint. It seems to be a very promising tool.

Something you said raised a question: Does it make a difference to install the driver logged in as normal user but using “Run as Administrator” (I think it’s called “elevated privileges” and it’s comparable to sudo) or logged in as administrator?

To sum up the solution that helped me to get rid of the problem:

To make sure the problem is not caused by an effect plugin, just bypassing the insert effects doesn’t seem to be enough. I had to completely unload the insert effect at fault.

After setting up a new workstation, I should have created an empty project and see if that works properly instead of starting to work were I left off.

It is always bets to install drivers as the administrator. Not as some glorified / elevated account.