Audio dropouts and lag while selecting objects

Hi Folks!

I’m new to 7.5 and i’ve encounter a really strange issue: every time i select some audioevents or automationpoints with the mouse in the arangerwindow i have audio dropouts and massive lag. Even with 2048 samples latency. If i open the same projekt with 6 everything is fine. Also while selecting, my mousespeed is probably half as fast as it is while normaly moving around. I looked in the preferences if there is a special ‘mouseslowing feature’ but found nothing. I’ve try it with asioguard on and of. No difference. Did someone encounter the same issue?

Greets, Tomess

Ok, update: I tried to improve my over all peformence of my win7 machine, and it seems to work a little better, but still i get massive lag and asio dropouts while selecting some elements in my arranger window with the mouse. My machine is not the newest one (see signature) but it works fine with cubase 6.0.7 and the same projekt. I startet a fresh projekt for testing with only one vst (maschine 2.0) but no change at all, it is still not working lag-free. Wich of course is really annoying, because selecting some midifiles or other stuff shoult not be a problem…has anyone some similar behaviour? Or an idea how to solve the problem? I also tried a new driver for my soundcard, but that didnt change anything…

Greets, Tomess

How is stuff like screen refresh when scrolling??..if this is also laggy I would suspect it’s a conflict between Cubase and your graphics driver.


So, i found the problem. It’s a bad VST: Image-Line Slicex causes the trouble. It was always in my starttemplate, so, i didnt recognize that it causes the problem. If i deactivate it, all the lag and dropouts are gone. Strange thing is, that in cubase 6.0.7 it has no such behaviour. Well, a supportrequest is sent to image-line, we will see what they will say. Thanks for the help Grim!!

Greets, Tomess


There is a Betaversion of the VST where they already fix that Problem! Everything works fine now!