Audio dropouts Cubase 8- please help!


I’m recording vocals at the moment and audio keeps dropping out, recording is interupted. Strangely, the metronome keeps playing thoug then the audio drops out. Neither the cpu meters are high, nor my soundcard (saffire pro 40) connection seems to get lost.

The power settings are the same (high performance), I’ve got the latest Cubase update and soundcard drivers. Windows 10 so it updates automatically.

Any help much appreciated- I’ve only got this vocalist till this evening!

Try using the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme, setting the audio priority to “boost” and disabling graphics acceleration for Cubase using the registry editor (google how to). At least one of these things should help.

All sorted, thank you. it was to do with a usb suspended setting which shouldn;t be enabled in power settings.