Audio Dropouts Cubase Pro 10.0.20 and 10.0.30 (W10 Pro)

A few days ago I started experiencing a significant amount of audio dropouts. At that time I had been running 10.0.20 and other than perhaps increasing latency beyond usable settings I have not been able to eradicate it since. Updating to 10.0.30 did not fix it. The dropouts and clicks seems to be made more likely by doing something in the GUI during Cubase playback but that is not definitive, sometimes they just happen during playback. The project I am working on is running at a modest 25% average load and peaking normally at around 30% except when the dropouts occur and at that point, the red overload indicator latches on in the Audio Performance meter. My working project is multiple tracks using Halion 6 plus some Padshop and Spector.

I have ASIO-Guard enabled with level set to High and Multi-Processing is Active.

I also spotted some others on reddit have recently reported similar issues with 10.0.30 e.g.

  • but in my case I was working Ok with 10.0.20 for some weeks then the clicks started occurring, and the 10.0.30 update did not fix it. So I wondered if maybe there is a common cause with others due to some other recent change that just happens to coincide with around the time when the 10.0.30 update became available which is making users suspect a link?

I have looked at windows and drivers update history to see if something like a graphics or USB driver update may be affecting audio but I did not spot any update that appears to coincide with the issue starting to happen.

Any thoughts what may be causing the dropouts and how I may be able to diagnose/reduce/prevent?