Audio dropouts - dongle in USB 3.0 port

Hi, just wanted to report that I was getting audio dropouts which didn’t seem to care much what latency I set my MR816X at. DPC latency checker only showed spikes when Cubase was running. I moved the Cubase dongle to a different USB port that was USB 2.0 and the dropouts went away, now running smoothly again with moderate projects (as big as I get) at 64 samples. I have no idea if it’s the old dongle that doesn’t like USB 3.0, or maybe there’s an issue with my USB 3.0 driver, but thought others might find the information useful. Actually greatly relieved, and will just have to be careful when I vacuum around the computer, as it’s now sticking out of the front of the machine.

I’d buy an USB extension cable if I were you, so you can place the dongle wherever you wish. Placing it anywhere where it sticks out is asking for trouble :wink:

Good suggestion, thanks.