Audio dropouts during recording

As title says, C10 introduced random audiodropouts during recording on same settings I used in C9 and older. It has never been a problem before, but now I have to rerecord performances because the dropouts stop playback and tracking in the middle of recording. A little embarrasing infront of clients. It can happen on new small projects as well as big productions and its not related to the CPU performance in Cubase. Again, recording settings/latency/buffer etc are the same as I have used in cubase for years without any problems.
The stability otherwise is fine, but this is a big problem.

cubase pro 10.0.10, mac pro 2012

Are you networked to any other macs? Might want to try disconnecting yourself if you are.

Hi thanks for answering.
I am not connected to any other macs, so thats not what cause this problem in my case.

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