Audio Dropouts/gaps during recording at certain levels?

I recently had to work on a laptop of a friend of mine. MacBook with macOS Sonoma, pretty new machine. Steinberg UR22MKII interface. Cubase 12.

I exprienced the most strange phenomenon. I was recording vocals, and at certain level while recording the recorded the audio would just mute and the recording would have dropouts afterwards. The monitoring was fine during recording, you only can hear (and see) it in the recorded file. There is absolutely no plugin active in the whole session. Not on the inputs, not in the channel, groups or outputchannels. I double checked multiple times. I can even reproduce this easily. It’s not the interface, mic or cable, i changed ALL of these components and had the same issue.

And now the weirdest thing, if I record on a different DAW on that machine, everything is fine. go figure. here is a sample of said problem.

Is there any function that causes such a thing that wasn’t there in say cubase 11 which I am norally on? I completely clueless what is going on there. I could provide audio samples, but I can’t post links here.

thx in advance,


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does it mute the signal if it’s and certain level and above, or certain level and bellow, please?

Are you sure, there are no plug-ins involved, neither Channel Strip? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

I can’t make a screenshot anymore, because I am not a said computer atm, but trust me there is absolutely no plugin anywhere on any channel. UR22 is also not the version with DSP effects.

And it is above a certain level.