Audio Dropouts.... HELP!!!

He means the drivers for your hardware, like your audio interface and mixer. Updating your GPU driver may also help.

When I troubleshooted I took the audio interface and mixer out of the equation and just used the laptop and I still had audio drop outs. The waveform was slow to update as I had the track armed and recording… thus the other tracks would drop out periodically.

What is the Buffer Side you are using?

Unfortunately 4GB of RAM is not a much today.

I’ve tried every buffer setting lowest to highest and I get the same dropout results.

Could you start Activity Monitor? What does it say about Cubase? What does it say about other applications running simultaneously?

It show Cubase CPU at 7.1, Videocode 2.4, videooutput2.4, videopreload 2.4 and activity monitor 1.8.
That’s all that I see running.

There must be other applications, other processes…

And what about RAM? What about Disk reading/writing?

I’ll check today when I get back home from work. But I will tell you I purposely don’t have a lot of programs installed/running on my MacBook Pro because I didn’t want anything slowing down my processes. I have 4 GB’s RAM. Serato DJ and Garage Band both work without any issues.

Everything appears to be normal in regards to other apps running. I don’t see any abnormalities that I can tell. Any other suggestions? I’m at a loss and continue to lose money daily.

Could you try to run Apple Hardware Test?

Ok I will run the hardware test 2 hrs from now when I get home from work. I work from home on Thurs so I hope to be able to work on a solution all day with you as well. Thanks!

The hardware tests (short and long versions) both came back with no issues.

Sorry, I run out of ideas. Apart from the fact I would recommend to increase RAM and exchange HDD to SSD.

This is very disturbing to me that this situation has come to this. To lose money and have no idea why this all of a sudden is happening has me really upset. I may just have to switch up to Pro tools and see if that works. Thanks for your help.

You say you’ve not changed anything on your system but something must have changed for this to have suddenly started happening. If you’ve not installed any new software or hardware then the most likely cause is Martin has suggested a driver. It is sometimes the case that new drivers cause issues where the older ones did not. Remember also that these drivers are often installed automatically.

Aside from audio system drivers (check the dates on them to see if they may have changed recently) the most common culprits for sudden problems are graphics drivers. Try rolling back to an earlier version?

Actually I stand corrected. I did just install software that came with my new Akai MPK Mini MKII about a month ago. Should I uninstall all of that new software?
Also, I really was feeling like it was a graphics drivers issue based on how the screen would freeze and then connect back again. I’m open to any and every suggestion. Thanks in advance.

I would think it’s more likely to be the Video drivers than the Akai software so I’d start there. I’m not a Mac person so can’t go through rolling back or getting new drivers but I assume there’s plenty of info on how to do it in webland.

To read all of this make me so angry and disappointed at Steinberg.

This is clearly an Software issue from like version 8 and up. First of all I will tell you my story in short.

I’ve used cubase for about 10 years. From version 4 and up I’ve used their software without any issues what so ever. But from version 8 that drastically changed and everything became an nightmare. I have experienced everything from enormously crappy setup, to the need of performing windows register hacks to EVEN BE ABLE TO INSTALL the software in the first place because of the totally worthless GUI that seems to be developed in Cubase 8. The developers and the company should be ashamed for this GUI.

Now with my “sound dropout” issues. I have an powerful PC, i7 3.8ghz, 16gb RAM, Geforce GTX 750ti and a presonus firestudio project sound card. I’ve been able to run Cubase 5, 5.5 and 7.5 on this setup without ANY dropouts EVER. I’m using Propellerheads Reason for other music making and loading it with about 32-48 tracks without ANY issues what so ever. But from the Cubase version 8 I experience audio drop outs ALL THE TIME. This is totally worthless and if not a company as steinberg can take their customers and users seriously and FIX THIS ISSUE without complaining on all other reasons (windows versions, audio drivers, graphic drivers, storage drivers), I’ve heard it all. Then it’s time to LEAVE STEINBERG CUBASE and go for something that works. Cubase 8 is honestly a real crap product and I cant wait to go back go cubase 6 or just skip this totally and leave for Logic or likewise.

Im so so so angry after paid an expensive bill for a “state of the art” music software and cant even record 2 simple lines of guitar before it brake down all the time and I get audio drop outs. Don’t tell me that Im configuring the sound wrong, as stated above I’ve used their products for years without any issues and recorded 32 tracks with VST effects and recorded guitars, drums, bass and such without any issue.

I’m so done with this crap, it kills all motivation and inspiration!

I feel my issue is still around DWM the Destop Window Manager. I have the Task Manager open so I can see what’s going on in the processes
and noticed that every time a get a small audio drop this service seems to be peaking.
I had this issue in the past with Windows 7 and was able to disable the service but Cubase 8+ requires it all the time now.

I’ve suffered from this - it was overloading my ASIO in XP / cubase 5, so I upgraded to Win10 & Cubase 10, and the same projects gave the same problems. In the end it was down to a single plugin - Izotope Ozone 5. I turned it off and all the dropouts ceased completely :raised_hands:t6: