Audio Dropouts in 10.5.20

I am running an i7 9700k with 64 GB of Crucial RAM so I am really frustrated to be getting audio dropouts running just 4 VSTis - D16 Audio Goup’s Nepheton, Phosyon, Lush 101 and Rob Papen Blue. Is this a current phenomenon? My audio interface is an M+Audio M-Track Eight

Any suggestions? Apart from changing the ASIO buffer samples to the highest available and introducing horrible latency

Lush 101 is notoriously know for high cpu spikes. turn off and on your plugs and follow the cpu meter to see if any of the instruments/plugins alter you cpu use in a big way.
and of course that is assuming that your cpu is stable low in an empty project

Thanks Glenn. Do you know what causes the spikes in Lush 101?

it used to be very cpu hungry. I suspect it still is