Audio Dropouts in Cubase 12 with Sonoma OSX

I am using a mac mini m2 processor running the latest version of Sonoma on Cubase 12. I recently upgraded my computer from an m1 imac. I am having audio drop out problems in projects that are barely even using any CPU usage at all. I will be mixing and every ten seconds or so the sound drops out like someone is hitting a mute button and then it comes right back. I have tried many troubleshooting techniques and have been reading the posts on the forum here. I use a apollo solo. I uninstalled the UAD software and reinstalled the driver. I also reinstalled Cubase. I tried disabling plugins in the VST Plugin Manager. I even cleared my master chain and to no avail the problem persists. I tried using different thunderbolt ports in different variations and even swapping cables to see if that could have been the issue. I raised my buffer and lowered my buffer size. I turned ASIO guard on, however I was barely even using like any of the CPU at all. I need some light at the end of the tunnel on this one. Do I need to upgrade to Cubase 13 to put up with the new OSX? This is very frustrating. Any lead in the right direction would be great.

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From your description, I understand it so, that the drop-outs are rather regular. In this case, I would try to inspect Activity Monitor, if there is any process comming in regulary with the same period.

Hello Martin,
thank you for your quick reply. I am a newbie to activity monitor , but I understand the basics. As you can see in the screenshot Cubase is using pretty much all of my ram at 8 GB. I think I am doing this right. I ran the application. It shows that Ram being used is 6.69 GB and the cache is 1.32 gb. I watched a video and cleared my cache on my mac, but it did not solve the dropout problem. How do I get these numbers down or in other words keep Cubase from using so much of my systems memory? Thanks

I have the same setup, although I have more RAM.

What is the buffer settings etc set at? That can have a huge effect on things.

I tried setting to to the highest. I think 2480 after watching a video. I learned to go low when recording and to go high when mixing although I could be doing it wrong. Also, I noticed in activity monitor Cubase is using 70% of my cpu. Do you know how I can get this down? I freezed instrument and audio tracks in my project with no success. It dropped a little bit, but the audio still drops out. Also, My UAD DSP is like 30%. My ASIO in Cubase is not that bad at all. Like 25%

8 gigs is quite small, especially for Cubase which is a HUUUGE .

  1. Make sure you quit all other programs, just have Cubase running. (So if you hit command+tab all you see is the finder icon and the Cubase icon).

  2. Restart and try using GarageBand and see if there are drop-outs there. Also, make sure to check out the UAD site for any updates to the drivers or firmware.

Thank you for your replies to my issue. I imported a bunch of tracks into an empty project in garageband just to put your suggestion to work. There were no audio dropouts… So the problem is in Cubase somewhere. I am using a ton of CPU power. I read posts regarding having plugins disabled. I disabled all plugins I do not use. The only new plugins I have purchased is Reference by Mastering the Mix and Waves Tune update to v 14. These would be the only changes I have made

After reading numerous posts on this forum I did find a solution. I wish I could figure out the exact post I read because i read so many and thank that individual. When i updated my OSX to Sonoma I ran into problems with Cubase 12 projects concerning audio dropouts. I learned from this forum that the plugins must be corrupted and not compatible with the new OSX. So I did a test and deleted every plugin from my cubase 12 project and played back the audio. There were no dropouts. I then learned a little bit about Rosetta Mode with having a M2 processor so I turned that on. I also learned to upgrade to Cubase 13 to seal the deal. I have not seen or heard any audio dropouts since. Thank you to the discussion forum for helping me with a very frustrating ordeal.

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