Audio Dropouts in Nuendo 13

Hi guys, I’m returned back to the Steinberg world from 10 year hiatus in protools.
Every decision is a google trying to re learn features etc.
Im on a brand new m2 Max MacBook Pro, with 96gb ram and 4tb storage.
I have a session with what I would say is very little content.
It contains…
19 tracks,4 of them midi instruments
23 plugins active
2 of them eventide blackhole reverbs
couple of waves H delays and a mixture of some Uad native stuff.

Basically the sound drops out, the playhead continues, the meters continue to move up and down although sporadically. The sound starts and stops randomly.
It sounds like it needs to increase buffer so I have done this. its at 2048.
Im not familiar with the asio guard in the audio performance window but this is right at the top.
As the track plays the meter goes from low to high and when it reaches the top of the meter bar the audio drops out. I have changed the asio guard level to high in studio setup.
If I deactivate a few plugins it manages to play, but I can’t see how a brand new m2 max chip can’t handle this session.

it seems the uad api 2500 and sound city are very hungry, even the compressor on/off in sound city makes a difference. Also the UAD waterfall rotary is very hungry.
Surely my €5k MacBook can handle more than this.
Worth noting that when I open activity monitor all cores are on about 25/30%
system usage on 2% and user usage on 23%. It says idle 79%
SO I had this running in rosetta as some of my plugins aren’t yet silicone.
This reduces the asio guard meter to just around 70%. But now I’m missing plugins, and I would have thought that a session this small would not even be at 25%
Again in activity monitor. now the user is at 10% and idle is at 90%.

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Sounds like one plugin is inefficient and hogs the first core. This is the cost multithreading when this happens you get issues.
Also what audio interface do you run and at which buffer size/ asio guard settings?
This could also impact things.
Non-silicon plugs are a problem until they aren’t. Thats just the way it is.

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You could try Nuendo 12 to see if performance is similar.

Running rme babyface
I messed about with the bigger size all the way upto 2048
Same issue.
Tried asio guard on low medium and high

Could do that but it means downloading installing etc

To find the source of the error, I would deactivate all plugins. And then activate them one by one.
I have an M2 Pro with 16 GB Ram and many UAD PLugins running in parallel/silicon -native, without any problems at 48/24 from 128 -512 buffer (25- 60tracks), 32 bit float. USB2 connected to a Metric Halo ULN-8. ASIO Guard always On /High.

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I’ve done that. I think the problem is that I had daw on rosetta mode and it seems the Macs ability is lessened when in rosetta and certain newer plugins require silicon access or they run out of juice very quickly particularly in rosetta. annoying as that is. possible also as keel said that Nuendo 12 is more efficient for now also.

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presumably in this instance your not in rosetta mode?

If “keel” is me, I didn’t say that. I suggested that you try N12 to see if it performs better.

Apologies yes I understood that.
I sent it to a pal who has an M1 Max MacBook Pro.
This has better performance in Rosetta mode than I did in silicon mode.

Hey guys
So still having same issue. I’ve had to delete out a few hungry plugins to get in with the project but as I said my friends ‘M1 max on Rosetta mode in nuendo 12 30/40% better performance than my system m2 max in silicon mode. Something is wrong. How do I make the Steinberg aware and get some feedback from them??

Same i have m2 max and my playback is starting 2 second almost after i hit play and same as stop! i think have really some problem with native mode

That sounds like buffer is set high? My issue is lack of efficiency and performance definitely